Festival AMPLIFIER – New Cabaret & Street Art is an international, multi-genre festival full of theatre, music, dance, visual art and literature. At the end of summer, it injects life into the streets of the atmospheric town of Banská Štiavnica and fills every nook and cranny with the best of both Slovak and international art.

Our society needs culture.
Let us do this together!

It is only thanks to the help of friendly organisations that the AMPLIFIER Festival can return to Banská Štiavnica every year. Those, standing behind the festival

  • believe in the development of a strong civil society in Slovakia
  • love Banská Štiavnica and its streets filled with culture and life
  • see the sense in spreading quality art in every place in Slovakia

You can support the development of a responsible civil society

Are you one of these people? Do you want to help us in our work? We do not accept support without giving something in return!

  • reciprocal media cooperation depending on the type of partnership (main, media, regional)
  • counter value in experience (access to festival productions and events)
  • a relaxing and educational holiday (recreation and historical sights in the UNESCO city)
  • new artists, friends and activists (not only in the festival club Art Cafe)
  • the sense of joy because you helped a good cause

Become our partner

Get the courage to learn just how much of a difference you can make.
Let us know that you exist!

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MgA. Ján Fakla
director of the AND NPO
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